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When you need a professional technology services firm, what do you look for? Are they an acknowledged firm that has been an active pioneer in their field? Do they have experience in both criminal and civil cases? Can they efficiently take your case from start to finish? Do they have one tool or expert for your case, or a host of tools and multiple experts to make sure your case is done correctly?

Decipher Forensics was founded in 2012. The goal at Decipher Forensics is to provide Computer Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Data Recovery services. In each of these practices Decipher Forensics has trained professionals to fulfill your requests.

Our Computer Forensics cases have included, litigation, intellectual property, homicide, kidnapping, divorce, custody, missing persons, child exploitation, internal affairs, hacking, corporate espionage, wrongful death, personal injury, fraud and embezzlement. Read more…

eDiscovery is common among large to small litigation cases. Decipher Forensics will help you identify, preserve and, forensically collect your data. After this stage we offer our early case assessment online. We then cull/de-dup and, process your responsive data and make it available in your choice of load file or one of our cloud based hosting solutions for review, production and, presentation. Many companies offer ediscovery. While technology does play a major role in how it is handled and reviewed, the largest difference is the people who work to produce it for you. Link

Do you need data recovery? We offer the largest data recovery lab in the state of Utah. It includes an in-house clean room and all of the latest in software and hardware. Decipher Forensics has participated in numerous training’s to better our skills in this very specialized venue. We utilize equipment and software from not only the USA, but Canada, Asia and Russia. Decipher Forensics has traveled to Europe for additional training in data recovery. Decipher Forensics can do what computer repair shops cannot.

Decipher Forensics has performed its computer forensics services for hundreds of clients. We have clients in 39 different states and three foreign countries. Computer forensics is our passion. Let us see how we can assist you.

Decipher Forensics LLC        686 East 110 South Ste. 104 American Fork, Utah 84003

Our computer forensics examiners have consulting experience with dozens of law firms and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.


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