App Security Testing in Civil Litigation

App Security Testing

App Security Testing

How safe is the app your using?


Eide Bailly has been asked to test many smartphone apps in multiple industries. App security testing requires a unique skill set using both cell phone forensics as well as traditional computer forensics. Eide Bailly has performed app security testing in banking, money management, communication, social media and dating apps to name a few. This testing can be used as a baseline for cases involving civil litigation in its various practices. It is a practice that has been used when eDiscovery practices did not go far enough in proving or disproving the claims of a case.  In many cases, we have found a piece of electronic evidence that has been reported back to our clients that the app doesn’t always do or disclose what it says it actually can. Eide Bailly utilizes the latest in cell phone forensic software and hardware. Several of our favorite tools include Cellebrite, MPE and Winhex. These are just a few of the tools we use for app security testing.

When we are not being hired for app security testing, we test multiple types of apps for security flaws for our own lab research. The most popular research to date was our examination of Snapchat. Please see our blog for further information on our findings regarding Snapchat and look to our blog for new updates regarding cell phone forensic app testing.

We make our testing results known to attorneys and law enforcement professionals in the seminars and in the CLE classes we teach. Our research has proved to be helpful in numerous court cases and accusations between parties.

If you need an app tested or if you have a legal case involving a specific app, please fill out our contact on the right of the screen. If we have not tested an app, we will on behalf of your case. Our findings always do one of two things; either prove or disprove the accusation being made.

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