Cloud Backup with Backblaze

backblaze-backup-partner-logo-mDecipher Forensics is now partnered with Backblaze, a cloud backup and storage provider. Through Backblaze you get unlimited storage in the cloud.

Importance of Backups

Backups prevent you from having to call us in the event of a ransomware attack or hard drive failure. You don’t want to lose your precious memories saved in your pictures, or mission critical data stored on the CEO’s laptop. Through Backblaze, Decipher Forensics provides you with options for all your backup needs.

Offsite vs Local Backup

Backing up to an external hard drive is a great idea and should still be done. What happens if you’re hit with an earthquake or a flood though? Having an offsite backup, like Backblaze in the cloud, fixes this problem. Backblaze also backs up that external hard drive as part of your computer for free.


Get unlimited backup for your Mac or PC, as well as any of their external drives, for just $5 per month. Just install the program and let it run. You don’t ever have to worry about if it is working or not, because we’ll email you if we don’t see any activity on your account for a while.


Get unlimited cloud backup for desktops and laptops for all your business computers for just $50/year/computer. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else. With the peace of mind that comes from having offsite backups, you don’t need to worry about failed hard drives or hackers any more. Restoring the data is free as well. No need to worry about data access charges. We’ll even ship you a hard drive with all your data if its too much to download, just send back the hard drive when you’re done!

B2 Cloud Storage

Developers and programmers and build scalable apps with inexpensive storage on the back end for better pricing than anyone else, including Amazon S3. Pricing is just $0.005 per GB per month. Yep, that’s right, half a penny per gigabyte.

Competitive Pricing

Backblaze offers the best pricing around, with an unlimited amount of storage available for your backups at a flat rate. Compare the difference and read the reviews.


Contact us today to have us help you set up your own Backblaze account.

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