What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a fairly new virus that has taken the globe by storm. It infects your computer, and usually and network shares you have access to, and encrypts the data, making it totally inaccessible to you. Then you get a message telling you to pay a certain amount of money, usually in Bitcoins, or you’ll never get your data back. This is devastating not only

Apple v. FBI Simplified

There has been a lot of debate about Apple and the San Bernardino Terrorists iPhone, and if Apple should be forced to unlock the shooter’s iPhone. The SANS Organization put out a deeply technical study of this issue and what capabilities there are. Here is a short summary in much simpler terms.

Apple v. FBI

A […]

Five of the Biggest Data Breaches of 2015

Data breaches are becoming more and more common, and more SMBs and Enterprises are wondering what they can do to stop it. Below are five of the biggest and most devastating data breaches that happened in 2015.


In June of last year the Office of Personnel Management of the United States (OPM) initially reported that four million records had been lost in a cyber attack, later revised it to 18 million, and is now believed to be at about 21.5 million.

It has […]

Upgrade your Mobile OS

A recent study found that nine out of 10 enterprise mobile devices are using out-of-date OSs, increasing these enterprises exposure.

Key findings from the study reveal:

  • 80% of iPhone users are not running the latest iOS 9.2 release
  • 90% of Android devices are not running the latest 5.1 Android operating system
  • 32% of Android users are running version 4.0 or older, leaving them vulnerable to even known malware such as Stagefright
  • One in 20 of Android […]

Hackers Have Done it Again

Low-cost IMSI catcher for 4G/LTE networks tracks phones’ precise locations

$1,400 device can track users for days with little indication anything is amiss.

Reposted from: http://arstechnica.com


I normally don’t just repost articles to our blog, but I am making an exception to this one. Love them or hate them, hackers are amazing. Manipulating data to do different tasks that what it was intended to do is precisely […]

Don’t Cross the Line, You’re Bound to get Caught

Don’t Cross the Line, You’re Bound to get Caught


Often we receive phone calls with people asking us to do things that either clearly cross the line of what is legal, or push the boundary of what might be considered legal, but not moral. When I have spoken to people like this on the phone, including the rare private investigator, I politely turn them down and let them know that the price they would pay for the case is not worth the price I would […]