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Meet our eDiscovery and Computer Forensic Expert team.

Richard Hickman, Lab Manager-Computer Forensic Expert (American Fork, UT)

Computer Forensic ExpertRichard is an enthusiastic computer forensics expert. Richard became involved in computer forensics because of his father, George Hickman, who designed the computer forensics program at Utah Valley University. He finished that program with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, with an emphasis in computer forensics and security. Richard also received a minor in Criminal Justice. Richard also holds numerous industry certifications, including AccessData Certified Examiner, AccessData Mobile Examiner, Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator, and Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyzer. Richard has run and led hundreds of cases and has written dozens of reports for court review. Richard is highly regarded by his clients and has a depth of knowledge in the IT field that only adds to his skills and abilities as a computer forensic expert. Richard applies his skills to many cases involving eDiscovery. From forensic data collections to data analysis, Richards skill set brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any case involving eDiscovery and digital forensics. Richard has experience as a Computer Forensic Expert in depositions and in the courtroom.

Richard is well known for his research on Snapchat and how it operates on Android devices. He was able to show how the app that claimed to delete pictures and videos doesn’t actually delete them. His research was published by KSL, The Huffington Post, Forbes, BBC, The Guardian, and many others.

Whenever Richard is not working he enjoys working in his garden and riding his motorcycle.


Trent L. Leavitt,  Computer Forensics Manager (American Fork, UT)

Computer Forensic ExpertTrent Leavitt began his career in computer forensics in 2005. Trent worked with law firms managing large cases in eDiscovery. Trent was the general manager of all aspects of “E-Discovery”. Over time Trent began to receive more questions regarding computer forensics. This began Trent’s career in computer forensics. A lifestyle change was in order and Trent began his degree program at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont majoring in Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations.

When he completed his degree in computer forensics & digital investigation Trent was hired by AccessData. AccessData is one of the largest computer forensics software companies in the world. Trent assisted clients in using computer forensics software and methodologies. After only two months in this position, Trent was asked to head up the most prominent account for the company. The FBI account was by far the most important account for AccessData. During the rest of his tenure at AccessData Trent worked closely with FBI agents from around the country on matters related to computer forensics. Trent’s cases included child pornography, homicide, fraud, embezzlement, drug rings, sex trafficking and financial crimes.

In January of 2012, Trent co-founded Decipher Forensics LLC. In November of 2012, Trent left AccessData to pursue his goals of working for himself in the world of computer forensics.

Today Trent is a court certified computer forensics expert. He has seen hundreds of cases from start to finish. He has a particular love for law enforcement cases and complex litigation. His partners Mike Johnson and Richard Hickman successfully operated Decipher Forensics until Decipher merged with Eide Bailly LLP in January of 2018. Since its inception, they have worked with clients from 42 different states and several foreign countries. Trent works in areas of family law, criminal law, civil litigation, missing persons, employment law, intellectual property as well as all forms of cell phone forensics, password and encryption breaking. Trent is in his third year teaching IT-4800 Mobile Forensics at Utah Valley University. Trent has designed the entire course to educate students on the acquisition, preservation and examination and reporting of mobile device evidence. Trent has courtroom experience as computer forensic expert.

When Trent is not performing computer forensic exams, he prefers to spend his time with his wife and four children, backpacking and spending time at “The Ranch” in Southern Idaho.


Calvin Weeks,  Computer Forensics Manager (Oklahoma City, OK)

Computer Forensic Expert

Calvin regularly engages in investigations involving technology, including the electronic forensic examination of documents, email, network activity, internet history, deleted data, dates and times associated with stored and transmitted data, modified data, hiding of information, images, communication links, video, audio, music, intellectual property, malicious applications, database storage and additional electronic discovery investigative artifacts. He has the testimony and court experience in state and federal jurisdictions as a computer forensic expert. In addition, Calvin is a certified police officer with experience in law enforcement, investigations and cybersecurity.

Calvin has worked with clients since 1985. They can expect that Calvin will not only find the right answers for the immediate needs but identify the long-term solutions to best serve the client. Calvin will be there for the client today and for what tomorrow brings.

  • Worked more than 10,000 cases involving computer forensic examination, more than 10 million documents, email and data and included all metadata that provides the date/times associated with the data.
  • Developed and organized a multi-university statewide Security Training and Awareness Program.
  • Developed curriculum and instructed for both credited and non-credit courses.
  • Developed and provide instruction on Cyberterrorism Incident Response for the Department of Defense.
  • Designed and architected a cybersecurity simulator to prepare professionals to defend attacks against Internet, communications and network-based infrastructure.

Outside of work, Calvin enjoys using his knowledge and skills to educate parents and teens on the dangers of the internet and the technology they use. Calvin engages with teens and their families through PC gaming and fellowship in fun activities. Calvin spends his unplugged time with family at the family’s cabin.


Michael A. Johnson,  Computer Forensics Manager (American Fork, UT)

Computer Forensic Expert










Brook T. Schaub,  Computer Forensics Manager (Minneapolis, MN)

Computer Forensic Expert

Brook is a no-nonsense kind of guy, which is exactly what Eide Bailly was looking for in 2010 when Brook joined the firm’s forensic accounting team in Minneapolis. His experience and expertise in licensed law enforcement and computer forensics are impressive, if not downright intimidating. Brook was the driving force behind the Minnesota Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and is frequently published in a variety of International association newsletters, Bar association journals and law enforcement periodicals. He’s a true professional and an invaluable asset to Eide Bailly and our clients. It goes without saying that he is a court certified computer forensic expert.

When you work with Brook, you can expect three things in no uncertain terms: honest value, ethical billings and realistic results. He has one job, and that is to solve your problems as quickly and as efficiently as possible and in such a way as to mitigate the chances of those problems occurring again in the future.

  • Investigated non-compete cases, employee issues, frauds, embezzlements, family law, hacking and bank fraud.
  • Consultant – Team Adam – National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – Rapid Response Team – Amber Alerts.
  • Consultant – Necrosearch International – Aid to Law Enforcement in locating clandestine graves.
  • Consultant – Search Foundation Inc. – Russia – Team member in search of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov’s grave.

When he’s not conducting an investigation on behalf of a client, you’ll find Brook … investigating a variety of off-the-beaten-path destinations. He has a love for unusual travel,” as he calls it. Whether it’s a conference in Istanbul or Capetown, drinking vodka with a police colonel in Russia, or teaching a class in Australia, Bulgaria or Oman, Brook’s passport is filled with stamps from a quarter of the world’s countries, all of which add great depth to his understanding and appreciation of the world and its inhabitants.


Isaac De La Garza ,  Computer Forensics Senior Associate (Oklahoma City, OK)

Computer Forensic Expert










Kaly Richmond, Computer Forensics Senior Associate (American Fork, UT)

Computer Forensic Expert










Amanda Urrtia ,  Computer Forensics Associate (Minneapolis, MN)

Computer Forensic Expert












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