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Richard Hickman, Lead Examiner-Computer Forensic Expert

Computer Forensics Expert

Lead Computer Forensics Examiner Richard Hickman.

Richard is an enthusiastic computer forensics expert. Richard became involved in computer forensics because of his father, George Hickman, who designed the computer forensics program at Utah Valley University. He finished that program with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, with an emphasis in computer forensics and security. Richard also received a minor in Criminal Justice. Richard also holds numerous industry certifications, including AccessData Certified Examiner, AccessData Mobile Examiner, Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator, and Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyzer. Richard has run and led hundreds of cases and has written dozens of reports for court review. Richard is highly regarded by his clients and has a depth of knowledge in the IT field that only adds to his skills and abilities as a computer forensic expert. Richard applies his skills to many cases involving eDiscovery. From forensic data collections to data analysis, Richards skill set brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any case involving eDiscovery and digital forensics.

Richard is well known for his research on Snapchat and how it operates on Android devices. He was able to show how the app that claimed to delete pictures and videos doesn’t actually delete them. His research was published by KSL, The Huffington Post, Forbes, BBC, The Guardian, and many others.

Whenever Richard is not working he enjoys working in his garden and riding his motorcycle.



Trent L. Leavitt,  Court Certified Computer Forensics Expert, Co-Founder

Computer Forensics Expert

Trent Leavitt backpacking in the remote Idaho wilderness.

Trent Leavitt began his career in computer forensics in 2005. Trent worked with law firms managing large cases in eDiscovery. Trent was the general manager of all aspects of “E-Discovery”. Over time Trent began to receive more questions regarding computer forensics. This began Trent’s career in computer forensics. A lifestyle change was in order and Trent began his degree program at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont majoring in Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations.

When he completed his degree in computer forensics & digital investigation Trent was hired by AccessData. AccessData is one of the largest computer forensics software companies in the world. Trent assisted clients in using computer forensics software and methodologies. After only two months in this position, Trent was asked to head up the most prominent account for the company. The FBI account was by far the most important account for AccessData. During the rest of his tenure at AccessData Trent worked closely with FBI agents from around the country on matters related to computer forensics. Trent’s cases included child pornography, homicide, fraud, embezzlement, drug rings, sex trafficking and financial crimes as well as terrorism and counter-terrorism.

In January of 2012, Trent co-founded Decipher Forensics LLC. In November of 2012, Trent left AccessData to pursue his goals of working for himself in the world of computer forensics.

Today Trent is a court certified computer forensics expert. He has seen hundreds of cases from start to finish. He has a particular love for law enforcement cases and complex litigation. His partners Mike Johnson and Richard Hickman successfully operate Decipher Forensics LLC. Since its inception, they have worked with clients from 42 different states and several foreign countries. Trent works in areas of family law, criminal law, civil litigation, missing persons, employment law, intellectual property as well as all forms of cell phone forensics, password and encryption breaking.

When Trent is not performing computer forensic exams, he prefers to spend his time with his wife and four children, backpacking and spending time at “The Ranch” in Southern Idaho.


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