Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services

Our examiners have court room experience.


Litigation happens, it just does. Two parties cannot come to an agreement and the litigation process begins. Legal professionals use a variety of tools and outside services for their litigation support. Decipher Forensics offers our cloud-based eDiscovery review platform as well as its forensic data collection services to assist counsel from preservation, collection through review and production. Tagging documents, creating privilege logs and keyword searches are all done at lightning speed. Need us to do more in your case? We offer project management services within our eDiscovery offering. When needed Decipher Forensics also has a team of court certified expert witnesses that can testify in your case.

Our litigation support services are designed around being with you through the entire process litigation process. Issues regarding text messages, multimedia messages, emails & attachments as well as internet analysis can all provide answers to questions that can be the smoking gun in your case.

Do you need an on-site collection? We have handled hundreds of types of collections before. Understanding the scope, dates and custodian names is crucial to any case. Understanding this along with maintaining a proper chain of custody is completely necessary and not to be taken lightly. We can perform them across the street or across the country. We collect the data, have it reduced and perform de-duplication and then push it into a powerful analytic review platform for your team to work from.

Data hosting is almost an expectation today when it comes to the data production. A secure login for all those involved, the ability to tag and add notes and to use intelligent search technology should be an standard expectation for a legal professional wishing to utilize modern technology to work more efficiently for the benefit of his or her clients.

We offer Data reduction which includes de-Nisting, de-duplication, text and metadata extraction, OCR of documents.

Our Data Processing includes image conversion (tiff or pdf), native files, and placeholders for files that can’t be processed to image formats such as audio, video, etc.

Data ingestion into our platform is done free of charge.

Our Hosting includes the unlimited use of our analytic review tool. We charge no user fees.

If you currently have a case or have one on the horizon that could use the assistance of an our litigation support team, give us a call or fill out our contact form to the right. If you are in need of counsel, give us a call and we could refer one to you, or you can find a qualified attorney in your area by visiting Martindale.

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