Cybersecurity in 2016

Everyone is a Target

2014 was the year that network breaches came to the forefront of everyone’s minds.¬†It was the year Sony, Home Depot, Target, and so many more were breached. In 2015 there was Anthem, the OPM hack, and even the utility hack in Ukraine that caused blackouts. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporation or the small shop on main street, you’re a target. A lot of people have said right to my face, “My business isn’t going to be hacked, we have nothing of value.” Most mom-and-pop shops, or even SMBs might think that, but these hacks in the last couple years have shown us that all companies have something of value. From intellectual property to social security numbers in your HR files, from PCI based credit card information to personal reputations, every business has something of value to be sold on the Black Market or to be used for corporate espionage or data collection. The sooner you realize that you’re a target, the better off your company’s cybersecurity is going to be.

Cybersecurity with FireeyeDetection Rather than Prevention

Lets face it, it is impossible to be connected to the internet and prevent 100% of possible breaches. Prevention technology needs to be in place, it would be stupid to not have Anti-Virus on your computers. However, monitoring our networks and endpoints for when something other than malware gets in is key to stopping a small breach from becoming big news. Cybersecurity Technology need to be in place to not only detect known malware, but the techniques, styles, and habits of hackers, so that when something unknown, or somehow a hacker gets valid credentials, it is still detected and stopped. You’re going to be hacked, its not a matter of if, but when. You need detection in place so that when you’re hacked, you know it, and you can stop it from growing.

Cybersecurity Policies

Cybersecurity Policies need to be in place so that in the event of a breach, management and IT aren’t running around like chickens with their heads cut off wondering what to do next and causing more harm than good. Policies that encourage¬†good practice for all users need to be in place and enforced so that easy breaches don’t occur. An incident response plan needs to be in place so that when your detection technology alerts you that you’ve been breached, you know exactly what to do.

Help is Available

Decipher Forensics has the experts that can help you draft these security policies, incident response plans, and put Fireeye Protection Technology on your network and endpoints to help you know when you’ve been breach. Contact us with any questions you have.