Decipher Forensics teams up with FireEye

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Decipher Forensics is proud to announce a partnership with FireEye. Decipher Forensics is a leader in digital forensics, cell phone forensics as well as complex data recovery. Decipher Forensics has now branched its services and expertise into the world of incident response and incident response preparedness and planning. Decipher Forensics is now an authorized reseller for FireEye. Decipher Forensics views the partnership as an obvious move in the right direction for their company. Partner Trent Leavitt said, “Partnering with a FireEye has been a great experience. The professionalism and ease of working with them as a partner company has been fantastic”. The goal for Decipher Forensics in opening this branch of the company is to assist organizations in preparing for and more importantly preventing a data breach from happening. In the event of a data breach Decipher Forensics will respond to the needs of its clients.

FireEye, a leader in providing cyber security solutions, protects the most valuable assets in the world from those who have them in their sights. Our combination of technology, intelligence, and expertise — reinforced with the most aggressive incident response team — helps eliminate the impact of security breaches. We find and stop attackers at every stage of an incursion. With FireEye, you’ll detect cyber attacks as they happen, understand the risk they pose to your most valued assets, and have the resources to quickly respond and resolve security incidents. The FireEye Global Defense Community includes more than 2,500 customers across 65 countries, including over 150 of the Fortune 500.