Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery Expert Mike Johnson performing a head swap.

Are you in need of our Hard Drive Recovery service?

Hard drive crashes at any time are an inconvenience to say the least. Lost business documents, accounting files, contracts, databases and client lists are just a few of the things that you can lose. On a personal computer you have photos, videos, journals, hobbies etc that you would like to get back.

Decipher Forensics has an in-house class 100 clean room in our lab in Orem, Utah. We have performed hundreds of hard drive recoveries on all types of hard drives for our clients throughout Utah. Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi are just a few of the brands we have worked on. Whether your drive came out of a laptop, desktop, iMac, RAID or a custom Linux box, Decipher Forensics can get your data back. We also handle damaged or corrupt USB Thumb Drives. We have the largest hard drive recovery lab in the State of Utah.

Diagnosing the error on a hard drive is more than half the battle in working on hard drives. Errors can include problems with the….

  • PCB Board
  • Heads
  • Service Area
  • Firmware
  • ROM
  • RAM


Here are a number of tips to help you protect your data……

  1. Make sure you back up and verify your data before performing any system upgrade.
  2. Look into a solid back up strategy.
  3.  Back up your data. Back it up to an external drive, or to the cloud. For more important items try backing up to Dropbox, Google Drive, or by using a service like Mozy or another online data backup.
  4. At the bare minimum all of your electronics need to be plugged into an ISO approved surge protector. Better than that, invest in a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This will not only provide protection from electrical surges, it will provide an additional amount of power to your machine while you shut it down.
  5. Purchase an anti-virus solution. We recommend a product like Malwarebytes. Use the automatic update feature to keep your machine up to date.
  6. Make sure you have adequate space around your computer. This allows for proper circulation and a longer life from your hard drive.
  7. If you hear unusual noises from your hard drive, turn it off ASAP. Do not plug it back in. Have it diagnosed by a data recovery professional. (We happen to have a few)
  8. Under zero circumstances should you attempt to open the hard drive on your own. Opening the hard drive can cause more harm than help.

Mike in the lab Michael Johnson is a co-founder and our head of data recovery. Most days this is what Mike looks like to us. Mike has over 6 years of intense data recovery training and practice. Mike has also managed to grow his lab into the largest hard drive recovery lab in Utah and one of the largest in the region. He has received training from various experts from around the country and recently traveled to Europe for additional training in hard drive recovery. Mike loves to solve problems, which makes him perfect for solving your hard drive recovery needs. His lab includes a certified clean room, and various hardware and software from various parts of the world. Mike is also a digital forensic expert and is more than capable of handling any forensic case that comes in the door.


We handle all forms of hard drive recovery, including all forms of RAID configurations, cell phones, USB thumb drives and SD and micro SD cards.

When you have a hard drive recovery need, give us a call or fill out the contact form over to the right.

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