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Computer Forensics can be the backbone of any case

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Are you in need of computer forensics? We have the largest privately owned computer forensics and data recovery lab in the state of Utah. This allows us faster turn around times for our clients. Cell phone forensics is a favorite among our examiners here at Decipher Forensics. Internet forensics, social media forensics, not to mention deleted text messages are common place in our findings when performing cell phone forensics for our clients. We utilize tools from Accessdata, Guidance Software, Magnet Forensics, and Cellebrite to name a few of our more common tools.

Computer forensics is in our blood at Decipher Forensics. We are one of the leading innovators in Computer Forensic Services.  Our services include, mobile devices, server, laptops, desktops, PC, MAC, Linux just to name a few. The company continues to redefine itself with consistent research into its internal examination procedures. Decipher Forensics firmly believes that as the technology changes, we must understand, adapt and change as well. Decipher Forensics provides in depth studies into the most trending and popular social media and smart phone apps, operating systems and internet technology. Decipher Forensics has performed computer forensic examinations with multiple law enforcement agencies and some of the most prestigious law firms around the country.

Decipher Forensics has certified courtroom expert witnesses who have received training from AccessData, Cellebrite, Guidance Software, Idaho State Police Department, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and also hold accredited degrees in Information Technology and Digital Forensics Investigations.

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