Indexed I/O eDiscovery Tutorials


Simplified eDiscovery training is here. You and your team can be trained to work on our platform in just 17 minutes. We have created 11 eDiscovery tutorial videos that walk you through each function of our platform. You can refer to these as often as needed to refresh yourself on any particular function you need.

We offer this to make an already easy to use eDiscovery platform even easier to use. We can also handle any data collection that you might have, whether onsite or remote or cloud-based. Contact us for more details on our data collections. We also offer the fastest processor in the industry with the ability to process up to two terabytes of data in under 24 hours. If you would like a free trial using our demo case, please fill out the information to the right.


Advanced Search



Collecting Data

Custodian Review

Custom Load File Export


Redaction and Dual Screen Functions

Reports/Privilege Log