Cloud-Based Email

Cloud-Based Email Collections are Vital to Your Case.


For years clients have brought stack upon stack of printed emails to their attorney for review. Or even worse, they simply forward the emails in question over to their attorney. Both are far from being considered best practice.

Like any type of electronic file what might be the most important part of the file, or in this case the email is not necessarily always the text of the email. Rather it might be the data that is never seen by the sender and the receiver. It is the metadata.

By simple definition metadata is simply data about data.

Why is this important when it comes to your emails? Metadata records the data about your emails. When an email was sent, received, the time it was opened, who it was to as well as who was carbon copied (cc) and blind carbon copied (bcc) on the email as well. It also holds time stamps.

Time stamps are apart of every email. When you access an email, it records it, when you forward an email, it records it. So when you simply print out your emails, you are missing the backbone of your emails that can have a great deal to do with your case. The same goes for forwarding them to your attorney. All of the dates change.

The goal with emails and any other electronic file is to forensically preserve them into a state where they are easily defensible. In the past this has been difficult when it comes to cloud-based accounts such as the ones given as examples above.

Decipher Forensics offers our unique service to remotely access and preserve all of your cloud-based email accounts. We have done this for clients from all over the country. The fee is minimal and the data can be placed in an appropriate FTP, or placed on Media and shipped directly to counsel for review.

Do not risk your emails being thrown out of court because they were not properly collected. On the same token, don’t risk not having all of your data when you need it.

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