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Is Your Organization at Risk for Being Breached?

Incident Response

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Your business depends on the web, email, and file exchange. That’s why over 90% of cyber attacks use those communication channels to infiltrate your organization and gain access to your valuable data or cause damage. In an attempt to defend those channels, traditional signature-based security software can generate thousands of alerts each week, over 80% of which are considered false positives – those not worth pursuing, leaving most organizations resource starved to process even the critical 20%.2

While organizations try to apply expertise and intelligence to deal with the plethora of alerts, the systems are already breached and vulnerable to data loss and vandalism – especially from the evasive attacks of today, including zero-day, blended, and targeted attacks that the traditional signature-based solutions fail to detect. A recent FireEye study showed 97% of organizations suffered breaches even though they all had traditional security solutions in place.

The FireEye Enterprise Network Security solution enables you to rapidly detect and respond to today’s evasive threats missed by traditional defenses, across all major threat vectors – network/web, email, and file systems. And the integrated intelligence helps prioritize threats with rich contextual insights, stay informed on the threat landscape and the attackers, and provides 24×7 remote monitoring of FireEye appliances to help you spend your security resources and budgets more efficiently.

If your organization doesn’t have a plan for a data breach, including an incident response team, then you have a problem. Cyber Threats are not just aimed at large corporate or government entities. More and more hacks or data breaches are targeted at small to mid-sized organizations that have let their guard down, or worse, put up no guard at all. Hackers from around the world, or from around the corner are poised to find a way into your organization. They are patient, crafty and credible in the art of hacking.

When you partner with Decipher Forensics, you are joining with our team and with our partners at FireEye. We put a plan in place for your organization by planning, preparing and walking through a full data breach scenario from start to finish. We work with you to find the most appropriate FireEye appliances that suit the needs of your business.  Our incident response team will help fill in the gaps in your network to reduce the risk to your company being breached. All the preparations in the world can still leave you vulnerable to a breach. Many say that a breach is inevitable, but the difference is whether or not you anticipate such a breach.

By protecting your organization, you protect it from being “that company” that is used as the launching pad to attack your suppliers, your partners and your customers as well as other organizations around the world. You mitigate the risk and the potential backlash that can accompany a data breach. With Decipher Forensics, you know you have a plan in place to make sure that the buck stops with your organization. Without an incident response plan in place, you open yourself up as a liability to everyone you do business with.

The adage of, “fail to plan, plan to fail” is especially true in the world of network security. Hoping that a breach does not occur, or trusting that your firewall is secure, simply won’t cut it anymore. Your network is the literal backbone of your organization. You need to have digital armed guards watching it all of the time and have your own Cyber National Guard ready to deploy at a moments notice.

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