Family Law

Decipher Forensics works with Family Law attorney’s to assist in uncovering the truth. Computer Forensics can be applied in many ways to help you win your case.

Find hidden financials of parties (theft of financials, hidden bank accounts…)
Recover Deleted text conversations (broken protective orders, threats, promises, cheating…)
Proof of an unfit parent (addictions, excessive pornography, cheating…)
Recover photos (Sexting, locations, other partners, general responsibility of parent…)
Chat conversations (Chat rooms, Facebook, dating sites, divorce plans…)
Child Pornography is also very commonly found (proves unfit parents and law breakers…)
Spending habits (general budgeting ability, addictions…)
Determining if a restraining order has been broken by checking the Wi-Fi logs on iPhones
Determining how long infidelity has been taking place
If you believe that some of these things can help your case, contact us and tell your attorney so we can get started on your case right away! Call us at (801)908-1018 or email [email protected]